Rights Expression Language Ontology (RELOnto)

For MPEG-21

Specification Documents

Latest versions:
SW-REL: http://dmag.ac.upc.edu/ontologies/sw-relonto.owl#
RELOnto-r: http://dmag.ac.upc.edu/ontologies/relonto-r.owl#
RELOnto-sx: http://dmag.ac.upc.edu/ontologies/relonto-sx.owl#
RELOnto-mx: http://dmag.ac.upc.edu/ontologies/relonto-mx.owl#
Roberto García
Jaime Delgado - DMAG Group
Roberto García - DMAG Group


MPEG-21 REL is a Standard for the expression of rights in the context of DRM. The ontologies described in these site are their represenation in terms of an Ontology. Given that MPEG-21 REL is composed of different XML schemas for the Core, Standard Extensions and Multimedia Extensions, all of them have been mapped here to OWL ontologies. Moreover, the previous XML schemas import the schemas for XML Digital Signature and XML Encryption, which are also mapped to OWL ontologies.

1 Introduction

The MPEG-21 Rights Expression Language provides serveral XML Schema which have been mapped individually.

2 RELOnto at a Glance

The summarized statistics for this ontology follows, for the Core, Multimedia and Standard extensions.

Total Number of Classes: 42 + 128 + 93 + 67
Total Number of Datatype Properties: 7 + 16 + 33 + 2
Total Number of Object Properties: 38 + 104 + 55 + 50
Ontology classification: OWL DL (ALUHN-D)

3 Dependencies

The following ontologies are imported in the RELOnto ontologies.
Ontology for XML Digital Signature http://dmag.ac.upc.edu/ontologies/xmldsig-core.owl#
Ontology for XML Encryption: http://dmag.ac.upc.edu/ontologies/xenc.owl#

4 Related efforts

A related effort is the ODRLOnto, mapping ODRL into an ontology.

5 Relevant documents

Formalising ODRL Semantics using Web Ontologies
García, R.; Gil, R.; Gallego, I. and Delgado, J.
Open Digital Rights Language Workshop, ODRL'2005