An Open Digital Rights Language Ontology (ODRLOnto)

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Roberto García
Jaime Delgado - DMAG Group
Roberto García - DMAG Group


ODRL (Open Digital Rights Language) is an XML-based standard Rights Expression Language (REL) used in Digital Rights Management systems and open content management systems, and ODRL is managed by an open organization that's open to public participation. Once the ODRL XML schemas have been mapped to OWL, it is possible to also map instances of the ODRL XML schemas to instances of the ODRL OWL ontologies. In order to do that, RDF is used as the representation tool. RDF is able to model directed graphs so it can be used to model the tree corresponding to the XML instance.

Drawings for the combined ODRL Ontologies:

2 ODRLOnto at a Glance

The summarized statistics for this ontology follows, for both the data dictionary and the rel expressions.

Total Number of Classes: 34 + 18
Total Number of Datatype Properties: 8 + 23
Total Number of Object Properties: 47 + 78
Ontology classification: OWL DL (ALUHN-D)


The previous ODRL/XML mapping to ODRL/RDF has been applied to some rights scenarios included in the ODRL 1.1 Specification:

Related efforts

A related effort is the RELOnto and RDDOnto, mapping MPEG-21 REL and MPEG-21 RDD into ontologies.

Relevant documents

Formalising ODRL Semantics using Web Ontologies
García, R.; Gil, R.; Gallego, I. and Delgado, J.
Open Digital Rights Language Workshop, ODRL'2005