DMAG - Health Level Seven International (DMAG-HL7)


Project description

HL7, Health Level Seven, International is the main organisation developing standards for interoperability in the health informatics area. Nowadays, it has 1300 corporative members, 2500 associates and 57 international affiliates. HL7 collaborates with other standardisation bodies, as ANSI or ISO, in the healthcare, informatics and security domains. One of the main objectives of HL7 International is to allow existing health information systems interoperate. To this end, HL7 is developing standards that define the models for the exchange of clinical documents, as well as for electronic and personal health records. HL7 International is also concerned with security aspects in the exchange of clinical information, especially those related with the protection of patientsÂ’ privacy. This has lead to the Security Work Group to start a project in which they are defining a security and privacy ontology. One of the international affiliates of HL7 International is HL7 Spain, which aims to promote the development of the HL7 International standards in the Spanish territory to enable the interoperability among current Health Information Systems.

DMAG activity

The most relevant activities are listed below: