Servei d'Explotació de Continguts Culturals en Directe per a Usuaris Professionals (CulturaLive)

June 2009 - June 2010

Project description

The main objective of the CulturaLive project is the development of a system that will be able of generating and transmitting in real time and to several destinations video streaming coming from a video camera or any other video source able to generate video information in real time. The development of the project will provide an adequate solution for professional users in the cultural area for the distribution of live audiovisual contents. In particular, the project objectives are as follows:

  • Speed up sharing and transmission of live cultural contents (operas, concerts, events, local fairs, etc.) by the Catalan local televisions (traditionals / broadcast and also by Internet).
  • Offer to local televisions a product for transparent content share through a P2P network and the controlled management of broadcasting rights.
  • Offer a system to decrease costs in current broadcasting model via satellite, that is not affordable by televisions with low budget.

DMAG activity

  • Development of digital rights management module and the nodes authentication system.
  • Integration of the different modules into the profesional clients application.
  • Test of the pilot system.