Musiteca (Musiteca)

October 2008 - December 2010 Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio (MITyC), TSI-020501-2008-117

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Project description

Musiteca project proposes the creation of content and tools that facilitate the production, indexing and search processes through the Internet, while preserving musical content rights and enabling a secure distribution and access to a wide set of digital content.

Musiteca will analyse and adopt already existing metadata cataloguing technologies while combining them together with semiautomatic cataloguing modules and audio, video and text information extraction techniques.

Musiteca will give content providers a better visibility and search capabilities for their content, which will be demonstrated in an experimental prototype. Other features will include automatic multimedia rendering according to the content type and some links to a related content recommendation system.

From an industrial perspective, Musiteca proposes the development of a Living Lab to enable musical associations to exploit their contents. Content exploitation will involve the distribution of musical content using protection techniques to avoid the indiscriminate distribution of artistic material without the consent of the rights holder. The project comprises private companies and research centres having a long experience in the field. The project results, although focused and validated in the musical content field, can be easily applied to other areas of multimedia content exploitation, such as media companies, archives or digital libraries. The project will also contribute to the following socioeconomic goals:

  • Facilitate the distribution of Spanish and European music multicuturality. Enable the participation of musical institutions that promote the access to their musical archives to collectives interested in music.
  • The secure distribution of musical content, preserving author rights, copy and reproduction of content thanks to content protection tools.
  • The participation of users through a Living Lab, which will make it possible to improve current cataloguing tools by means of their experience, improving their experience on its turn and increasing the number of users interested in musical content.
  • Improve and democratise culture diffusion. The project helps to bring digital archives closer to the citizen and enables that the Internet is somewhere devised for everyone.

DMAG activity

Our work inside this project comprises several activities, including:

  • Definition of a licensing model that enables the owner to associate rights and conditions to the content being created.
  • Commercialisation of musical content according to the rights defined by the content owner.
  • Secure distribution of content.
  • Authorisation for controlling access to the content according to the rights being owned or acquired.
  • Use of metadata for the cataloguing of musical content.


  • Idea Informática (coordinator)
  • Ever-Con Sistemas y Tecnolog√≠as S.L.
  • Universidad de Málaga
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya