GestiĆ³n Integral para el Libro Digital: Derechos de Autor, contenidos y negocio (GILDDA)

October 2007 - December 2008 Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio (Programa Tractor)

Contact Person: Jaime Delgado

Project description

This is a technological development project that wants to provide on line or on demand Digital Books, independently of the device used by final users (mobile, DTT, PC, paper, etc.) and the distribution platform. To do so, a study of the different technologies oriented to intellectual property rights protection will be done. Afterwards, the integration of these technologies with the available distribution channels will be done. To provide the GILDDA Content, a platform for managing, classifying, analising and searching content and the multichannel and multidevice distribution is going to be developed. This platform will be implemented respecting the digital rights applying to the content, by means of digital rights management techniques.

DMAG activity

Our work inside this project will comprise several activities, including:

  • Study of technologies applying to the management of rights of the digital content
  • Description of the mechanisms to support intellectual property rights protection
  • Development of the services to govern content by means of digital rights management (DRM)