Xarxa IP Audiovisual de Catalunya (XAC)

May 2005 - May 2007 Fundació i2cat - CIDEM (Generalitat de Catalunya)

Contact Person: Jaime Delgado

Official project web: http://www.i2cat.cat

Project description

The XAC Project consists of a pilot platform addressed to the Catalan audiovisual sector (local televisions, producers and other audiovisual entities) with the aim of easing the way of interchanging (sell/buy) audiovisual contents. To do so, a prototype has been defined and implemented, permitting the secure interchange of audiovisual content between different agents, in a digital environment (Internet). In the implementation of this prototype, different aspects have been taken into account: content presentation, content search, content governance (using licensing services), content protection, etc.

DMAG activity

Our work inside this project comprised several activities:

  • Technical coordination
  • Platform set-up
  • Definition and implementation of content protection and governance services
  • Implementation of a final user application to facilitate content interchange (sell/buy) and usage taking into account rights governing content