Automating Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-channel Distribution (AXMEDIS)

September 2004 - August 2008 European Commission FP6 Integrated Project IST-

Contact Person: Jaime Delgado

Official project web:

Project description

Digital-content market is urging better pricing and value-for-money for industry products and services. This is clearly evident in the recent price reductions by major companies in the sector. The containment of sale prices is a vital key when setting up a viable and sustainable business venture in the digital cross media content. Possible solutions to this challenge could be found by automating, accelerating and restructuring production processes, and providing solution to the content protection. Such solutions will enable the production processes to be faster and cheaper, while at the same time providing new capabilities to support safer distribution. AXMEDIS aims to meet the challenges of market demand by: reducing costs for content production and management by applying Artificial Intelligence techniques for content composition, representation (format) and workflow; reducing distribution and aggregation costs in order to increase accessibility with a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) platform at Business-to-Business (B2B) level, which can integrate content management systems and workflows; providing new methods and tools for innovative and flexible Digital Rights Management (DRM), including the exploitation of MPEG-21 and overcoming its limitations, and supporting different business and transactions models.

DMAG activity

Our work inside this project comprises several activities:

  • Responsible of the WP5, AXMEDIS Framework
  • Definition and implementation of several tools and modules to providing content protection and governance inside the AXMEDIS system. The most relevant tools and servers implemented are:
    • DRM Editor and Viewer
    • Protection Manager Support in its different versions (Client, Domain, Server)
    • Part of the AXMEDIS Certifier and Supervisor (AXCS)
    • License creation, management and authorization
    • Contract Manager
  • Responsible of several subWP related to Digital Rights Management in different areas (applied to PC distribution, mobile, etc.)
  • Responsible of training activities in the area of rights management
  • Organisers of AXMEDIS 2007 conference


  • Departament of Systems and Informatics, University of Florence (coordinator)
  • ACIT
  • AFI
  • ANSC, Public Music Education Institutions, and content providers, theatres
  • CPR, Consorzio Pisa Ricerche
  • CRS4
  • Dipartimento di Italianistica
  • EPFL
  • HP
  • IRC, The Multi-Disciplinary Informatics Research Centre of the University of Reading
  • OD2
  • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • University of Leeds
  • XIM