DMAG-DRM Ontologies (DMAG-DRMOnto)

Project description

DMAG has an active participation in the creation of Ontologies for different aspects of the content value chain, including user roles, rights and actions, domains, etc.

DMAG activity

The most relevant activities are listed below:

Onto  Name  Description  Use 
MVCO  Media Value Chain Ontology   MVCO is an ontology for formalizing the representation of the Media Value Chain in the context of MPEG-21 It is Part 19 of MPEG-21
RRD  Represent Rights Ontology   RRDOnto provides a model for describing the Intellectual Property Value Chain in the context of the Digital Media Project It is part of the specification Interoperable DRM Platform 
IPROnto  Intellectual Property Rights Ontology  IPROnto is an ontology that describes intellectual property rights based on different initiatives in the field and our own contributions. Answer to the Call for Proposals for a MPEG-21 Rights Expression Language and Rights Data Dictionary standard 
ODRLOntos  Open Digital Rights Language Ontology  ODRLOntos are two ontologies representing semantically the ODRL 1.1 Expression Language (EX) and Data Dictionary (DD) Its definition was useful in the analysis and bridging of the different Rights Expression Languages
RELOntos  Rights Expression Language Ontology  RELOnto and RDDOnto are semantic representations of MPEG-21 Rights Expression Language and MPEG-21 Rights Data Dictionary Their analysis provided a valuable insight on the current MPEG-21 RDD standard