JPEG demonstrates its new standard for accessing image libraries with an application developed at DMAG

As stated in the Press Release of the July 2010 ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29/WG1 (JPEG) meeting in Brussels (, one of the main outcomes of the meeting was the production of the first version of the JPSearch reference software (ISO/IEC 24800-6). The DMAG research group ( has been the main contributor of this software and, before, of an important part of the current specifications of JPSearch.

JPSearch ("search of JPEG still images") standardizes interfaces to still image libraries and databases in the Internet and document management applications in order to allow developers implementing platform independent applications. JPSearch includes an image query language and formats for metadata description and interchange.

DMAG has also provided a demo of this first set of software libraries in support of some use cases of the JPSearch framework. The demo can be found at