Agentes y ontologías para la gestión de derechos digitales y servicios web (Agent Web )

December 2002 - November 2005 MCYT TIC2002-01336

Contact Person: Jaime Delgado

Project description

The objective of the AgentWeb project was to advance on the research and development of systems for intellectual property rights (IPR) management on internet, focusing on the WWW. The most relevant tasks were:

  • Agents for the management of IPR (Agents for IPR)
  • Advanced Metasearch of content (Distributed Information Search)
  • Definition, execution and control of services workflows (e-Services)
  • Provision of trust through security services (Agent Web Security Services)
  • Definition of an ontology that describes intellectual property rights (IPROnto Intellectual Property Rights Ontology)
  • Development of tools for testing different parts of the MPEG-21 Standard (MPEG-21)