Axmedis 2007 conference
Axmedis 2007


  Call for papers  


Submission due: 15th May
Conference date: 28th-30th Nov. 2007
Conference venue: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona (Spain)

In the Internet as well as in the digital era, cross-media production and distribution represent key developments and innovations that are fostered by emergent technologies to ensure better value for money while optimising productivity and market coverage. AXMEDIS2007 aims to explore all subjects and topics related to cross-media and digital-media content production, processing, management, standards, representation, sharing, protection and rights management interoperability, to address the latest developments and future trends of the technologies and their applications, its impact and exploitation. We are particularly interested in exchanging concepts, requirements, prototypes, research ideas, and findings which could contribute to academic research or could be beneficial to business and industrial communities.

Recommended topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Automatic cross-media production, collection, crawling, composition, formatting, P2P, etc.
  • Formats and models for multi-channel content distribution and interoperability
  • Multimedia standards: MPEG-7, MPEG-21, DMP, etc.
  • High quality audio visual coding
  • Multimedia music representation and formatting
  • Watermarking and fingerprinting techniques
  • GRID and distributed systems for content production
  • Real-time streaming media distribution
  • Multimedia middleware
  • Workflow management systems
  • Web services for content distribution
  • Semantic Web for multimedia production and distribution
  • Collaborative models and tools
  • Distribution with P2P architectures
  • Legal aspects related to digital content
  • Collecting and clearing of rights and licences
  • Business, payment and transaction models
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM), models tools, and interoperability
  • Context Awareness
  • Archives management for cultural and educational applications
  • Synchronisation technologies and solutions
  • Systems and approaches for content production/distribution on demand
  • Content adaptation
  • Accessibility and multimodal user interfaces
  • Novel applications and case-studies of relevant technologies

Research and applications Papers: Papers should describe original and significant work in the research and application of related topics. (i) Long papers: up to 8 pages, typically focused on research studies, applications and experiments (ii) Short papers: up to 4 pages, suitable for reporting work-in-progress or interim results.

Industrial Panels: The Conference will hold an Industrial Track composed by Panels consisting of position papers and round-tables on specific topics.

Workshops: Proposals for workshops are welcome. The format is open. European Commission and/or other large Research and Development projects are invited to consider proposing a Workshop.

All submissions and proposals must be in English and submitted in PDF or Microsoft Word format using the submission portal on the conference web site no later than 15th May 2007. Document style for research papers is available at the conference website. The conference proceedings are to be published by the IEEE Computer Society Press. Selected papers will be considered for publication in special issues of one or more major peer-reviewed Journals in this domain. Papers from Industrial Panels and Workshops will be published in a separate volume of the proceedings by a University Press.

International Programme Committee:

P. Bellini (Univ. Florence, I); I. Burnett (Univ. Wollongong, AU); M. Campanai (Exitech, I); D. Crombie (Utrecht School of Arts, NL); R. Dannenberg (Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA); D. Dato (Tiscali S.p.A, I); J. Delgado (Univ. Polit. Catalunya, E); J. Domingo-Ferrer (URV, E); C. Dorai (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA); N. Earnshaw (BBC, UK); D. Fuschi (GIUNTI Interactive Labs, I); M. Gauvin (SDAE, E); S. Gradmann (U. Hamburg, DE); R. Grimm (Univ. Koblenz-Landau, DE); K. Hirata (NTT, J); T. Huang (Peking University, CN); P. Kafno (Univ. of Nottingham, UK); T. Kalker (HP, USA); Z. Liu (AT&T Labs Research, USA); S. Llorente (Univ. Polit. Catalunya, E); R. Martí (UAB, E); A. Matellanes (Motorola Labs, UK); H. Mayer (Joanneum Research, AT); M. Merabti (Liverpool John Moored Univ., UK); P. Nesi (Univ. Florence, I); K. Ng (Univ. Leeds, UK); J. Nuetzel (, DE); L. Pierce (XIM, UK); E.Peig (UPF,E); E. Rodríguez (UPC,E); C. Serrao (ISCTE/DCTI/Adetti, P); Y. Song (Univ. Michigan at Dearbond, USA); C. Timmerer (U. Klagenfurt, AT); A. Waller (Thales Research, UK).