Axmedis 2007 conference
Axmedis 2007




Axmedis 2007 Program



Opening session:

Maria R. Sancho
Rector Deputy for the "Campus Nord"
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Paolo Nesi
Axmedis Project Coordinator
University of Florence

Keynote 1:

Santiago Miralles
CCRTV Interactiva (Catalan TV group)

Title: "New Media: the path to Growth in the Media Industry".

Abstract: The audiovisual Media Industry is not growing in Spain. Actually, it is losing market share in the most interesting target groups for advertisers.
This presentation will describe: what the situation of traditional Media is; what strategies can be established to acquire competitive advantages; and the case of the Catalan Media Corporation and, and the results that have been obtained.


Keynote 2:

Richard Owens
WIPO - Director, Copyright E-Commerce Technology and Management Division

Title: "Legal, Political and Market Challenges to Copyright: A View from WIPO "


Keynote 3:

Carlo Toffolon
European Comission, DG-Competition

Title: "The application of European competition rules in the media sector - An overview of case-law and precedents"

Abstract: IP issues can have an impact on the chances to create a service and to develop a viable business, for instance, in relation to who owns the content, which is the territorial scope of the rights involved and how are these rights administered. This is where competition rules come into play.
The speech will give an overview of the application of European competition rules in the media sector (music, films, databases, sports rights), with reference to some judgments of the European Courts and precedents of the European Commission.



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