Axmedis 2007 conference
Axmedis 2007


  Variazioni Workshop sessions  


Axmedis 2007 Program


Variazioni Workshop SESSION 1:

Collaborative Content Annotation in Multilingual Europe
Frans Var Assche and Riina Vuorikari
Collaborative and Semantic Enrichment of Musical Libraries in VARIAZIONI project
Carlos A. Iglesias, Francesco Spadoni and Joachim Neumann
Enriching e-learning contents for architecture in the MACE project – activities and outlook
Dr. Markus Eisenhauer and Stefan Apelt.


Variazioni Workshop SESSION 2:

Applying Semantic Web Technologies for Enriching Master Classes
José C. González, Paloma de Juan and Carlos A. Iglesias
DISMARC and the use of thesaurus-Web Services and multi-lingual query-expansions
G. Koch, W. Koch and O. Benda
Enriching 2D Multimedia Cultural Contents with 3D Visualisations in the RECOVER project
Francesco Spadoni, Manolis Lourakis and Piero Alcamo

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