Axmedis 2007 conference
Axmedis 2007


  I-Maestro Workshop sessions  


Axmedis 2007 Program


I-Maestro Workshop SESSION 1:

The EASAIER Project: Creating a ‘Virtual Oral/Aural Learning Environment’ for Scottish and Irish Traditional Music
Joseph Harrop and Celia Duffy
Using a Cognitive Model of Irish Traditional Fiddle Playing in the Development of a Teaching Aid for Improvisation
Flaithrí Neff, Eoghan Neff, and Ian Pitt
Computer Analysis of the Indirect Piano Touch: Analysis Methods and Results
Aristotelis Hadjakos, Erwin Aitenbichler, Bernhard Wetz, and Max Mühlhäuser
Requirements and Application Scenarios in the Context of Network Based Music Collaboration
Chrisoula Alexandraki and Ioannis Kalantzis


I-Maestro Workshop SESSION 2:

Programming with Pitch
MidiBraille, a Composing Tool for Blind Musicians, Lydia Machell
Improving Access to Music Education for the Blind and Visually Impaired
David Crombie, Benjie Marwick Johnstone, and Neil McKenzie
Automatic Generation of Test Objects for Music Self-Study
Kerstin Neubarth, Tillman Weyde, Pierfrancesco Bellini, Francesco Frosini, and Nicola Mitolo


I-Maestro Workshop SESSION 3:

Visualization of bowing gestures for feedback: The Hodgson plot
Erwin Schoonderwaldt and Marcelo M. Wanderley
The MAV Framework: Working with 3D Motion Data in Max MSP / Jitter
Thijs Koerselman, Oliver Larkin, and Kia Ng
Pedagogical experimentation using the Sound and Gesture Lab
Fabrice Guédy, Nicolas Leroy, Frederic Bevilacqua, Tobias Grosshauser, Norbert Schnell

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