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Axmedis 2007 Program


Long Papers SESSION 1: Applications

Poolcasting: a Social Web Radio Architecture for Group Customisation
Claudio Baccigalupo, Enric Plaza
Audio and video conferencing tools in learning management systems
giovanni adorni, mauro coccoli, cosimo fadda, luca veltri
InterDataNet: An Infrastructural Approach to Data Interoperability to Enable Computer Supported Collaborative Applications
Maria Chiara Pettenati, Davide Chini, David Parlanti, Franco Pirri
Making Large Music Collections Accessible using Enhanced Metadata and Lightweight Visualizations
Florian Kleedorfer, Ulf Harr, Brigitte Krenn


Long Papers SESSION 2: DRM Implementation

Experiences in Implementing a Kernel-Level DRM Controller
Alapan Arnab, Marlon Paulse, Duncan Bennett, Andrew Hutchison
Key Management in open DRM platforms
Carlos Serrao, Miguel Dias, Jaime Delgado
Trusting software tools in a secure DRM architecture
Víctor Torres, Jaime Delgado, Silvia Llorente


Long Papers SESSION 3: Technology

Efficient watermarking strategies
Martin Steinebach, Enrico Hauer, Patrick Wolf
Diagrams and Semantic Multimedia Annotation
Jens Wissman, Tillman Weyde
A Shortest Path Approach for Staff Line Detection
Ana Rebelo, Artur Capela, Joaquim Pinto da Costa, Carlos Guedes, Eurico Carrapatoso, Jaime S. Cardoso


Long Papers SESSION 4: DRM approaches

An Innovative Approach for Indexing and Searching Digital Rights
Walter Allasia, Francesco Gallo, Fabrizio Falchi, Filippo Chiariglione
Interoperability Between the MPEG-21 REL DAC Profile and Other Rights Information Standards
Hogab Kang, Keunyoung Lee, Taehyun Kim, Xin Wang, Jaime Delgado
Use of MPEG-21 for License Protection and Key Management in DRM Systems
Eva Rodríguez, Isabel Gallego, Jaime Delgado
From Narrative Contracts to Electronic Licenses: A Guided Translation Process for the Case of Audiovisual Content Management
Victor Rodríguez, Jaime Delgado, Eva Rodríguez


Long Papers SESSION 5: Cross-media

Producing Interactive Paper Documents based on Multi-Channel Content Publishing
Michael Grossniklaus, Moira C. Norrie, Beat Signer, Nadir Weibel
The Italian Culture Portal: a project for Interoperability and Open Distribution of Cultural Contents
Irene Buonazia, Maria Emilia Masci, Davide Merlitti
P2P architecture for automated B2B cross media content distribution
Paolo Nesi, Pierfrancesco Bellini, ivan Bruno, Davide Rogai, Daniele Cenni


Long Papers SESSION 6: Bussiness models

A critical analysis of the right of reply in online media
Evi Werkers, Eva Lievens, Peggy Valcke
Motives and Willingness to Pay for Digital Music
Marc Fetscherin, Chrisoph Lattemann
Overarching QoS makes the digital distribution market happen
Michael Erner, Bernhard Feiten, Volker Presse
The New Hybrid Library: Audiovisual Materials and Virtual Information
Alicia Garcia Medina


Long Papers SESSION 7: Content production

Content Recommendation System in the Production of Multi-Channel TV Programs
Janez Zaletelj, Richard Wages, Tobias Bürger, Stefan M. Grünvogel
AXMEDIS Programme and Publication Tools: a Case Study with Satellite Distribution
Kia Ng, Roberta Campo, Ming Thang Dang, Royce Neagle, Bee Ong
VARIAZIONI: Collaborative Authoring of Localized Cultural Heritage Contents over the Next Generation of Mashup Web Services
Carlos A. Iglesias, Marta Sanchez, Francesco Spadoni
Content Templating For Automated Content Production and Aggregation
David Luigi Fuschi, Elisabetta Parodi, Laurence Pearce, Lorenzo Sutton


Long Papers SESSION 8: Architectures

A Workflow-controlled Service-oriented Architecture for Cross-media Storage and Provision
Stephan Schneider
Security Model for a Shared Multimedia Archive
Karel Wouters, Brecht Wyseur, Bart Preneel
L7, an MPEG-7 Query Framework
Ruben Tous, Jaime Delgado
AXMEDIS as the Service Oriented Architecture for the Media: is it feasible?
Fabrizio Fioravanti, Marius Spinu, Maurizio Campanai


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